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How can I add a domain to DirectAdmin?

One of the best features that our hosting plans support multiple domains. This is handy in case you want to host multiple domains from one DirectAdmin login. To add a domain, first log in to DirectAdmin. Then, follow these steps:

  1. When you only have one domain in your DirectAdmin account, go to “Domain Setup”. When you have multiple domain names, go to “Domain Administration”.
  2. Click on “Add Another Domain Name”.
  3. Here you can configure the new domain name. In some situations it is useful to disable PHP and SSL, in some others not. DirectAdmin provides you the flexibility to configure this to your requirements.
  4. Click on “Create”.

Congratulations! You have succesfully added an extra domain to your hosting plan.

How can I upload files to the new domain?
When you navigate to the folder “domains” in the File Manager, you will see all the domains that are available in your account. Each domain folder has a public_html folder and – when SSL is enabled – also a private_html folder. You can upload your data to these folders.

Updated on August 1, 2016

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