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I can not SSH to my VPS

There are multiple ways to connect to your VPS. One of them is SSH, which is run on software inside your VPS when you have installed this. Usually this is a default application within any Operating System (OS).

Do you block SSH?

We do not block SSH or any other traffic. If you are unable to connect to the server, it means that your server is not accepting your SSH connection.

If you are unable to SSH, there can be various reasons:

  • You have just bought the VPS and did not install the Operating System.
    Solution: Install the Operating System in the VPS control panel.
  • You have denied access in your firewall for SSH or your IP.
    Solution: Connect via VNC (see below) and unblock yourself.
  • SSH is not installed or running.
    Solution: Connect via VNC (see below) and install SSH.

Connect via VNC

If you have locked yourself out by accident or software error, you can connect via VNC to the server. This will grant you access to the server and allows you to manage the SSH service and firewall. Since you will have full access to the server, you can also manage other parts of the server.

How to connect via VNC.

Updated on October 4, 2017

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