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Why is my disk usage high in DirectAdmin

With DirectAdmin you can manage your hosting service with Yourwebhoster.eu. DirectAdmin also shows your (high) disk usage which is calculated by combining the used disk space for all your files and databases together.

How to find what is using your Disk Space

  1. Go to “Site Summary / Statistics / Logs”
  2. Review the Disk Usage here. The E-mail and Database disk usage is specified here. The remaining space is used by the files for your website.
  3. Only go further if you want to have a technical list of how the system has calculated the usage. If not, stop here. Click on Details.
  4. Uncheck “Hide entries which are already included in the System Quotas (?)”.
  5. You will find something similar like the screenshot below. Please note that everything in /home/username is the same you can find in the Filemanager and/or your e-mail box. The folder /home/username/Maildir and /home/username/imap are the folders where e-mails are stored. Do not change the files in those folders in the file manager, but use your e-mail client for this.

How to update my Disk Usage

There are two ways to update your disk usage.

Simply click on Disk Space. DirectAdmin will start calculating

Site Summary / Statistics / Logs

Click on “Site Summary / Statistics / Logs” and update:

Error: “Your connection has timed out”

“Your connection has timed out
Either your request was invalid or the program hasn’t completed your request.Please notify the server admin”

This error could occur when you have a lot of small files and/or use a lot of disk space. DirectAdmin continues calculating the Disk Size in the background. Click on Home and refresh after 5 minutes.

How can I expand my Disk Space

Contact us to upgrade your Disk Space. We are happy to search for you the best upgrade option.

Updated on March 3, 2017

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