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How can I change my DirectAdmin username?

When we send you the login details for a freshly ordered hosting plan you will get a generated user name. We can change this username when you do not use the hosting plan by deleting the account and creating the new account with a new username.

If you already are using the hosting plan we have a different strategy to change the name. In that case we can not delete the account since you already have hosted a website with us. Instead we change the username but this has some implications:

Risks of changing a DirectAdmin username


The database name and the username is based on the DirectAdmin username. So if we change the DirectAdmin username, this changes as well. When your applications rely on a MySQL database it will make your application unusable until you update the configuration. Since we only change the username and not the application settings your application may be unavailable for some time. This depends on how fast you respond on updating your application with the correct settings.


Some applications rely on the pre-configured path in the configuration file or in a database. The path is something like this: /home/username/domains/yourdomain.com/public_html. The path always starts with /home/username, so any change has impact on this path. Note that it is possible that some parts of the applications do function (partially) and that only some parts of the application requires this path to be correct. In general the path is used mostly for setting the correct path to upload a file or picture.


Changing the username has no implications for our own systems. Our service will continue to run properly, however it does have impact on your applications. After we have made the change your applications will not function until you have updated the MySQL and path settings. Applications that do not rely on a MySQL database or path will continue working but this kind of applications are exceptional. Because the application is your responsibility, we will not make the changes in the configuration files for you unless you have a service contract with us. If you are unsure if this is included, you can contact us for more information.

Updated on July 26, 2016

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