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How to disable the mDNS service on CentOS

Run the following commands to disable the mDNS service on CentOS 6 and lower:

service avahi-daemon stop
chkconfig avahi-daemon off

Or when you have CentOS 7:

systemctl stop avahi-daemon
systemctl disable avahi-daemon

What is the avahi-daemon service?

The Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon implements Apple’s Zeroconf architecture (also known as “Rendezvous” or “Bonjour”). The daemon registers local IP addresses and static services using mDNS/DNS-SD and provides two IPC APIs for local programs to make use of the mDNS record cache the avahi-daemon maintains. First there is the so called “simple protocol” which is used exclusively by avahi-dnsconfd (a daemon which configures unicast DNS servers using server info published via mDNS) and nss-mdns (a libc NSS plugin, providing name resolution via mDNS). Finally there is the D-Bus interface which provides a rich object oriented interface to D-Bus enabled applications.

Learn more about the avahi-daemon

Updated on February 1, 2017

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